PHiP Statement of Purpose

“Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.  was created to promote friendships and organize social activities for people with similar interests including enjoyment of the tropical spirit of Jimmy Buffett’s music.

In addition, PHiP, Inc. is a non-profit corporation and encourages its member clubs to provide a variety of volunteer efforts in the local, regional and national community for social and environmental causes.

In the process of making new friends and having fun, we believe in leaving something positive behind.  Our clubs are open to anyone with the tropical spirit and desire to contribute to the betterment of their communities.”


Section 1.  Name.   The Cincinnati Parrot Head Club, hereinafter referred to as “the Club,” Greater Cincinnati, Ohio’s local affiliation of Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc, “PHiP”, the national Jimmy Buffett fan club.

Section 2.  Founders.  Pam Inglish and Cheryl Wilson founded this Club.

Section 3.   Purposes.  We are a community service organization with the following goals:
  • a.To gather and socialize with people who share similar interests while enjoying Jimmy’s music in a festive atmosphere, and
  • b.To assist in charitable fund-raising, community service, and environmental improvement activities.
  • c.To promote regional shared activities for enjoyment and fund-raising.

Section 4.  All club decisions at the business meeting will be by a simple majority with the exception of a change to the bylaws, which will require a 2/3 majority.

Section 5.  Address: The official mailing address and phone number will be as determined by the Board.

Section 6.  Fiscal Year:  The fiscal year of the Club shall be from January 1 through December 31.


Section 1.  Membership Requirements.
a.Membership in the Club shall be open to any individual who is eighteen years of age or older who enjoys Jimmy Buffett’s music and has an interest in charitable fund-raising, community service and/or environmental improvement.
b.Payment of annual dues is required for membership by all Club members, except those given honorary Membership status as determined by the Board.  The amount of annual dues shall be set by the Board.  Any person who has not paid dues by the date set by the Board will be considered to have terminated his membership.  Subsequent payment of dues will re-establish his/her membership.  A member in good standing is one whose dues are current.
c.Dues will be paid annually by January 31st.  There will be no pro-ration of dues for partial year memberships.
d.Members may be removed from the membership for infractions of bylaws, misuse of club money, non-payment of dues, and/or any action that may place the club or the board at risk of liability. (i.e. damage to property, etc.)  The Board will have final authority in removal of a member.
e.Active voting member(ship)(AKA: “member in good standing”): (definition): a member who has paid dues for the fiscal year AND has attended at least 1 (one) club meeting and/or fund-raising event in the last 6 (six) months (social events are not included).


Section 1. Bank Account(s).  Bank Account(s) will be maintained for Club finances.  The account(s) will have two signatories: President and Treasurer.  The Treasurer will make a report of Club finances at each meeting.  All bank statements are to be mailed to the Club’s official mailing address.

Section 2.  Requests for Funds.  No Club member shall obligate the Club financially or otherwise without prior approval of the Board.  Requests for funds shall be submitted to the Treasurer, who will in turn, present them to the Board.  The following procedure will be used:
  • a.Requests under $250.00 to commit funds will require approval by the Board.
  • b.Requests of $250.00 or more will require initial approval by the Board and subsequent approval by the Club membership.
  • c.The chairperson for each club-sponsored event shall provide a full report to the Board of monies expended and received no later than thirty days after the event.  The report shall include a complete list of items and monies donated and the source of each donation, as well as receipts if available.  Monies collected shall be counted by a member in good standing away from public sight and shall be witnessed by another member –preferably an officer – immediately following the event.  If this is not feasible, funds shall be placed in a sealed envelope and kept by an officer or the event coordinator.


Section 1.  The Board is the governing body of the Club.  It shall take such action as it deems advisable for the good of the Club.  It shall have the power to commit the funds of the Club in accordance with ARTICLE III, Section 2, CLUB FINANCES and shall have the duties described in these Bylaws.  The Board shall manage the property and affairs of the Club and shall exercise all such powers of the Club.  It shall do all such lawful acts and things that are not, by statute or by these Bylaws, required to be done by the Club membership.  All individuals serving on the Boards must be current members in good standing.

Section 2.  Board Members.  The Board shall consist of the following officers:

a.President: Oversees the activities of the Club.  Sets the course and direction of the Club.  Sets agenda and leads the Board meetings and Club meetings.  Represents the Club at functions, meeting and events.  Represents the Club at the national level with PHiP.  Calls board meetings when necessary.  Serves as motivator to get Club members involved in all activities.  Along with the Treasurer shall be one of the two signatories for the Club bank account(s).  Shall be the official point of contact for communication committee and shall have the responsibility for activating that committee.
b.Vice-president: Works with the President to accomplish Club goals.  In the absence of the President shall conduct Club and Board meetings, and shall be called upon to represent the Club at public functions.  Contact person for the various committees and the Board.
c.Secretary: Contact person for the Club for both national and local needs.  Takes notes at Board and Club meetings for official records.  Tallies and records results of any Board or general votes; maintains the attendance sheet at each meeting.  Keeps records of any correspondence received or mailed by the Club.  Maintains the eligible voting list, parrot points, and membership forms.
d.Treasurer: Financial and accounting officer responsible for maintaining financial accounts, books, receivables and payables.  Holds the checkbook and bank account records.  Gives financial status updates on a monthly basis at Club meetings as requested by the Board.  Shall present Requests for Funds to the Board for all expenditures.  Along with the President, shall be one of the two signatories for the Club bank account(s).  Notifies members of renewal dues date.
e.Member(s) at Large: Represent the Club members at Board meetings and functions.  Serves as a conduit for members to bring issues requiring action to the Board.  There shall be 2 (two) Members at Large.

Section 3.  Meetings.  At all meetings of the Board at least 50% of the members must be present to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  The Board may hold their meetings and keep the Club’s books at such places as they may determine.  All Board meetings shall be open to any Club members in good standing.  If a Club member wishes to address the Board, they must present a request prior to the Board meeting and limit contents to that portion of the Board agenda designated by the President.  In the event of an emergency, the Board may go into Special Session which is further defined as a Board meeting open to Board members only.

Section 4.  Resignation or Removal.  If a Board member resigns, a Special Election as described in ARTICLE V – ELECTIONS,  will be held to fill the position.  A Board member may be removed for disability, those actions mentioned in removal of a member in Article II, section d. above, or other causes.  Removal of a Board member requires a written petition delivered to the Secretary or other member of the Board.  The petition must contain signatures of at least one half of the Club members who have attended a meeting and/or club event in the past 6 months.  The removal vote requires a two-thirds majority of the Club membership who have attended a meeting and/or club event in the past 6 months.  Any Board member under removal vote has the right to speak to the Club membership before the vote.  If they are unable to attend the vote meeting, another Club member may speak on their behalf.


Section 1.  Elections.  Elections will be held annually.  The entire Board will not be elected simultaneously.  Officers will serve two years.  President, Secretary and Member at Large(e) will be nominated and elected for even years; Vice-President, Treasurer and Member at Large(o) for odd years.  During October, the Board will accept letter of interest from members wishing to hold an office.  Nominations for the offices to be elected will occur at the November meeting, with elections taking place at the December meeting.  The newly elected officers will take office at the January meeting every year.  The current President will oversee the transition.  If an elected position becomes vacant, a Special Election will be held to fill it.  A Board member will notify Club members via phone, social media or email that nominations and election for this position will take place at the first Club meeting after the vacancy.

Section 2.  Eligibility for Nomination/Election to Office.  The nomination process shall be an oral one with a nomination and a second required for a Club member’s name to be placed on the ballot.  To be eligible for nomination for office, an individual must have been a member in good standing for 6 months and attended at least 4 meetings.  There will be no nepotism (parent, spouse/significant other, children, grandchildren) permitted.  A Club member may only be nominated for one position.  To be elected to an office, a Club member need only receive the majority of the votes of any candidate for that position.  In the event of a tie, a run-off election shall be held between the candidates involved in the tie.  This run-off election shall take place at the same election meeting.  Elected officers may serve only two consecutive terms in the same office.

Section 3.  Voter Eligibility.  Any club member in good standing is eligible to vote in elections.  It is the responsibility of the Board to provide a list of eligible voters prior to the election.  Ballots will be presented to each eligible voter present and their name crossed off the eligible list.  Ballots will be counted by the current Club Secretary and Member at Large.


Committees.  Shall be formed at the discretion of the Board based on club activities.


Parrot Points will be accumulated based on participation in club activities, including meetings.  Parrot Points may be used in the determination of eligibility for concert tickets.  The Board shall determine the guidelines for earning Parrot Points.  The Secretary shall maintain Parrot Point list.  See Appendix for explanation and guidelines for Parrot Points.


Any club member in good standing may propose a change to the Bylaws.  Any proposed changes to the Bylaws must be approved by the Board and presented to Club members for a vote.  Copies shall be provided to each Club member via email and/or social media no less than one month prior to the vote.  Changes to the bylaws must be ratified with a 2/3 majority vote of club members in good standing.  Amendments shall be presented at a club meeting and voted on in the month following.


Upon dissolution of the club, any funds leftover after expenses shall be donated to the registered 501(c)3 charitable organization chosen by the active voting membership.


Infractions of Bylaws
1.Any current member may submit in writing (signed, dated, and clearly written), the occurrence of a bylaw infraction (national or local) or an illegal activity to the Board.  It is the responsibility of the Board to review the alleged infraction and by a simple majority either accepts or reject.  If it is accepted, they will proceed to number 2 below.  Every reasonable attempt will be made to keep the identity of the person making the report of an infraction confidential.

2.The Board will inform the member by letter of the alleged infractions against them.  The member will be given 30 days to provide a written response to the board.  If the member chooses not to respond within 30 days, the Board will move forward on a decision without the member’s input.

3.At the next Board meeting after the 30-day deadline, the Board will evaluate the alleged infraction and make one of the following decisions:
A.No Action – the Board has considered the alleged infraction and the Board will take no further action.
B.Action – The alleged infraction has been considered by the Board, and action is being taken as determined by a majority decision of the Board.  The specific action is entirely left to the discretion of the Board and is based solely upon the written infraction.
4.If action is taken against a member, the member will be informed in writing within 30 days of the Board’s decision.  The member who submitted the original statement of alleged infraction(s) shall be provided with a copy of the Board’s decision.

5.The Board decisions are considered final unless an appeal is made to hear the case before the entire membership with all pertinent facts being communicated.  A simple majority decision of the active voting membership will be required to uphold the Board’s decision.

6.At the next scheduled meeting, the membership shall be informed of the decision, and the information will be properly recorded in the minutes.

Electronic Voting
The Club may vote on motions via electronic media. To vote on an issue electronically, any active member may submit a proposal to the board. At least 50% of the board must agree to the vote, and the motion must be seconded by an active club member in good standing. The question must be issued through e-mail and posted to any of the Club’s official social media page for Club members and must include, the member who proposed the motion, the board members who approved the vote and the member who seconded the motion.  The question cannot be posted to a public forum that represents The Club.  The issue will be open for discussion until either 1) a majority of active club members have voted in favor or against the motion, 2) the beginning of the day of the next Club meeting, or 3) an earlier cutoff time that is in the original motion. If a motion fails to receive a majority affirmative or negative vote of all of the active club members, then the issue is tabled and may be discussed at the next club meeting. If a motion passes or fails electronically, the announcement must include everybody who voted in favor, against and abstained. All voting electronically must be done in a fashion so that all club members can see how you voted. Any member may change their vote during the voting period.  The Club Secretary will post and tally votes. 
Issues that may not be voted electronically:
·         Election or impeachment of club officers
·         Disciplinary measures involving any club member
·         Changes in by-laws
·         Any issue that requires a super- majority vote to pass.


Every year, Jimmy Buffett’s management company, HK Management, may provide a limited number of tickets to each concert for the enjoyment of the PHiP clubs in the vicinity of the concerts.  Each club must share those tickets with other eligible clubs that choose the same home venue.

Although group tickets are made available to the clubs through Jimmy’s management, each club must first show some level of community service activity, over the previous one-year period, and submit a report biannually (through information in their respective club newsletters or by letter/email) to the PHiP Director of Membership.  All clubs are required to comply with the guidelines set forth by Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.

It should be noted that receiving club tickets is a privilege, not a right.  This parrot points system has been created in an effort to streamline the allocation of tickets.  With the addition of new clubs and the growth of existing ones, there is no guarantee that there will be enough tickets available for all of those who ‘qualify’ through parrot points.  Therefore, those members with the most points, who have shown the highest level of commitment and participation in the club, will have first right of refusal of available tickets.

Important note!  Selling club tickets for monetary profit (‘scalping”) is strictly prohibited by PHiP and could result in the loss of ticket privileges not only for our club, but for all PHiP clubs.  Any member proven guilty of scalping club tickets will immediately be dismissed from the club.  Any Club tickets that are “resold” by a Club member must be sold to a member in good standing of a Parrothead Club.

Calculating Parrot Points and Allocation of Club Tickets

•Points will be tallied regularly based on the announcement of concert dates.  Point accumulation will start again with the announcement of the Cincinnati Concert.  Only club activities taking place during that period will count toward the upcoming tour tickets.  If shows are added following this time, points earned after the first local concert of the tour season will be tallied to determine who is eligible.

•Members’ dues must be current in order to be eligible for tickets.  If dues have not been paid by January 31, all accumulated points will be lost.

•In an effort to reward our most active members we will: award tickets to each individual active voting member with the highest points.

•Points will not be awarded for simply attending social activities including but not limited organized happy hours, parties, etc.

•It is the member’s responsibility to sign the meeting attendance sheet that is available at every meeting.  If you don’t see it, ask.  And please sign it legibly ?

•A list of each member’s points will be maintained by the Secretary and reported quarterly.  If you have questions or think there are discrepancies in your total, please bring them to the attention of the keeper of the parrot points immediately for resolution by 8 weeks following the distribution of the report.

•The committee chairpersons are responsible for supplying the names of those persons who served on their committee to the person in charge of keeping the parrot points roster.  Active participation in a community service/charity event is a must in order to receive points. (Putting your name on a sign-up sheet before the event does not count).
•In the event that you have purchased a ticket or tickets and find yourself unable to attend the show, your ticket(s) must be offered back to the Club.  If there are no takers, the ticket may be sold in accordance to PHiP rules and By Laws (see preceding “Important Note”). 


Serving on Board of Directors        
3 points per month served

Big Event Coordinator
5 points

Standing Committee Chairperson
(Examples: Membership, Communication, Newsletter, Webpage)
2 points per month served

Standing Committee Members
1 point per month served

Short-term Committee Chairperson
(Examples: Memory Walk)
3 points

Short-term Committee Member (Whereitallbeganiversary)
2 points

Participation in Community Service activities (sponsored by club) (Examples: Memory Walk, Parrotpalooza at Camp, basket assembly)
2 points

Monetary or prize donation per charity event
(Minimum donation $25.00.  Example: Alzheimer’s Memory Walk)
1 point

Meeting Attendance
1 point per meeting


ByLaws Parrot Points MOTM Meeting Minutes